Real Food Keto

Real Food Keto

Yes, today Nov, 6, 2018, is the launch of Jimmy and Christine's Moore's latest book Real Food Keto. And I have to say I think it's one of the best one's yet.

Full disclosure, I have been doing work for Jimmy for the last year or two helping him with his huge mountains of e-mail. So I'm well versed in where to find find answers for keto related problems. One that I'd been having recently was unexplained muscle cramps. One night I had five simultaneous muscle cramps across my abdomen and back just getting into bed. And I couldn't understand it as I knew I was getting plenty of electrolytes, the usual culprits for muscle cramps. And adding more wasn't helping. Fortunately, Real Food Keto came to my rescue and I was able to track the culprit to calcium! I started eating more calcium rich vegetables and cleared up the cramps literally overnight.

This book is beautiful and bigger than it appears in the picture with over 350 pages of priceless information. It's well layed-out to make things easy to find and is written in language almost anyone will understand. For anyone who wants to "let food be thy medicine", this book will help you determine which "medicines" will work for you.

But it's also about more than just food. I've learned as well working for Jimmy that it's not just what you eat that affects your ability to lose weight. There’s a lot that can affect losing weight including stress, sleep, hormone imbalances, digestion issues, medications, toxins, genetics and the gut micro-biome. Real Food Keto addresses all these subjects.

And I haven't even mentioned the amazing recipes by Maria Emmerich in part 4 of this book. I can hardly wait to try them. They look amazing! Maria is one of those authors who can always be counted upon to deliver quality keto recipes.