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August 20, 2010

Well I hate to admit it but I didn't do so well this week. No points for me. I think part of the problem is that I just haven't come up with good enough prizes to motivate me. One of the problems with being mature is that you're old enough for your wants not to hurt you. So if you don't get what you want it's no big deal. It looks like I need help thinking of good prizes to motivate me, so I'm sending out a plea. Everyone send me ideas for good rewards for my points to

I know I have to get back on track fast. The longer you slip the harder it is to get back. Deep breath. One day at a time. I have to do this. I'm killing myself with sugar if I don't.


August 13, 2010

Wow, half way through August already. Time for me to start getting Torin his back-to-school clothes. He's been working hard this summer, reading... doing math games. I encourage him with a point system. For every hour he works he gets a point that he can save up for a variety of rewards. They range from staying up an hour later at night (half a point) to a movie with popcorn (5 points). It seems to work well to motivate him. I'm wondering now if something similar would work for me. For every day I stay within my carb range I get a point. And I can save up my points for MY rewards. 10 points for a new shirt. 15 for new shoes. Well I'll have to think of some non-clothes rewards. I'm not really a clothes junkie but I do fall into the trap of thinking, oh I'll get new things when I've lost the weight. Nevermind that the old things are becoming frayed and faded and best of all... baggy! I just have a hard time bringing myself to buy new clothes when a lot of the older clothes, (which is to say the too small clothes) are still in good condition. Nevermind that they're 10 years out of date. But back to the points. It's a good idea. I think I'll give it a try.


August 6, 2010

It's been a busy week for me. Torin asked to have his bedroom door painted at long last. It's been bare wood for the last year and a half. Not a hard project by any means but involved. Took me about three days to finish between the wood filling and sanding and taping and what all. It looks like it belongs now and he's happy. And most of the things I needed I already had on hand which was a big bonus. I over ran my budget a bit last month with Jarreth's graduation so I'm cutting back hard this month to recover from it.

Sadly Jarreth just got laid off. The foreman of his crew suddenly quit last week so there's no one to manage the crew. They may call him back once the foreman is replaced, but I advised him not to wait. Anyone need an HVAC tech on Long Island?


July 30, 2010

I did it! I did it! Yes. Yes! I DID IT! Finally, after six months of yoyoing I finally got under 200. 198 to be precise. Happy dance time!

Sadly this is still not the time to kick back and relax a bit. I want to improve on that lead from 200. Next goal 190. That's 8 pounds. At one pound a week I might be able to hit that by October. We will see. Goals are important, especially in weight loss. But we sometimes become focused completely on the scale. But there are other goals we can set. Other indicators of our progress. Yesterday I noticed my wedding rings weren't as tight as they had been. I was even able to slip them off. Strangely enough I can't seem to do that this morning but up at 250 it was completely inconceivable. And my clothes are getting baggier. Belts are mandatory with my old pants now, though I can't seem to get back into my smaller sized jeans yet. [frowns] Ah well. I'll get there eventually.


July 24, 2010

Well I did loose the weight I gained last week and then some. I am right at 200. I know it seems like my goal is in sight, but I've been here before. I have to keep vigilant. If I'm going to beat that scale next week. I have to keep doing good. One thing I did last week to help was that I eliminated all carby food "imposters". You know the low-carb bread and low-carb pasta? Anything you have to qualify as a "low-carb" before saying what it is. I had already cut down on them to one a week, but this week I eliminated them completely. I also drank a lot of liquids, though there wasn't as much water as there should have been. I'll have to do better on that.

The other thing I KNOW I should do and just have a problem with is exercise. I know I should do some, even if it's just a little bit. But I really hate getting wet and smelly. Just ew... And then I have to go take another shower which is even more ew because our only shower is in what I call "The Boys Bathroom". Why are boys so gross? I have to clean the commode EVERY time I go in there. Men, if you can't hit the target maybe you shouldn't be shooting. And low-flow toilets don't help either. I know they use less water but come on... if I have to flush the thing two extra times every time someone uses it to get it clean what water am I saving? Alright all that just sounds like excuses for not exercising. But exercising is so boring and painful. I'd rather go to the dentist. At least he gives me something for the pain.


July 16, 2010

Grrrr... gained back that half a pound I lost. And there was no reason for it! I drank more water and less Crystal Light. I cut out the low-carb bread and pasta. Ate more vegetables. I did really good this week. I know a half a pound is not statistically signifigant. A half a pound is a cup of water. I can gain or loose that much in an hour. I know I'm in ketosis, the Ketostix confirm it. About the only thing I can do differently it cut down on the amount of fat I consume. There goes the cheese on my eggs and in my salad. By reducing the fat I'm consuming the body should burn more of it's own fat for fuel. Well that's the theory. We'll see how it goes next week.

I know I shouldn't let that stupid number get to me, but it does. It's like studying for a test all week and then failing the exam. Eventhough you KNOW you know more than you would have otherwise, eventhough you KNOW you're better off, it still feels like failure. Stupid scale! I haven't failed. I just haven't quite succeeded yet. Just have to keep fighting.

Well, time to go tape a show on Shish Kabobs. Yum yum!


July 9, 2010

One week and half a pound down. Not a bad start I know, but I can't help hoping it had been more. Still any loss is a victory so I'll take it! Looking back on my week I do see places I could improve. Drinking more water for one. I love my Crystal Light but it does have a small amount of carbs and those can add up. I'm also still eating my low carb bread and pasta, and I made myself some sugar-free ice cream. Well it WAS better than going out for ice cream with the boys. So, my goals for next week: 1) Drink my water. Not sure I can do the eight glasses a day most dieters recommend but I can start by trying to get in at least four. 2) Cut out the low-carb bread and pasta. This one is going to be hard, but that's exactly why I need to cut them out. Usually the thing you want to give up least is the thing that's the real hold up. Not sure why that is, but I see it a lot. 3) Keep a positive attitude. This can be the hardest of the bunch, especially when stresses build up and the carbs start calling.

So that's the plan. Tune in next week to see how I did.


July 2, 2010

Wow, I can't believe it's July already. It's been such a busy spring. Our oldest, Jarreth, has graduated from high school and has now joined the work force. Well done Jarreth! We're so proud of you. Several grandparents came up to join in the festivities. We had a lot of fun.

It's been hard getting back into my routine here after all the celebrating. While we generally tried to keep low carb, if you eat enough low carb things it's not so low anymore. So now I'm fighting to get back into ketosis and fighting the sugar cravings. I want to push under the 200 mark by the end of summer. So I'm going to buckle back down and be strict. Count every carb. Banish the things that call to me. I'm at 203 now. Three pounds doesn't sound like much does it? But I've been jumping between 201 and 205 for a few months now. Officially a plateau. So I'm going to be reporting back every Friday to report on how good... or how bad... I've done.

And here we are, halfway thorough the year, and I've managed to keep up with my show-a-week! Some of these I'm very proud of. Mozzarella sticks are still a fave. And this week features the frozen Daiquiri. We were drinking these last weekend. Check them out if you haven't already.


April 4, 2010

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! I am having such a great weekend. Last night Tom took me into the city to a Jonathan Coulton concert at the Highline Ballroom. If you don't know who Jonathan Coulton is all I can ask is, "What internet rock have you been hiding under?" In recent years Jonathan has become the musical voice of geeks everywhere with his odd mad-scientist, code monkey, monster themed songs. The crowd was, in Jonathan's words, CRAZY. The energy thoughout the evening was simply FANTASTIC. As usual Paul & Storm opened for Jonathan, and they were fabulous. Both acts played a lot of old favorites and a few new ones. All three together did an amazing cover of "Istanbul" during the encore. I picked up a couple of shirts from the guys. Look for me wearing my Paul & Storm Minion tee-shirt in an upcoming show.

It was Jonathan and his "Thing-a-Week" project that inspired me to do my own version as cooking web shows. I'm happy to say that so far this year I have managed to produce a show every week. Hope you all are enjoying them. Torin was my special guest in the last one. It's always fun doing shows with Torin because I never know what he's going to say, but he's always enthusiastic.

Left to right: Paul, Jonathan, Storm


February 5, 2010

Have you ever noticed so many holidays are celebrated with sugar? We start with Halloween in October, and don't stop until some time in the spring. As low-carbers we have to break our personal habit of candy celebration. Two of the worst culprits are lurking on the horizon. Valentine's Day and Easter. At this very moment the grocery store shelves are packed not only with the enormous heart shaped boxes of chocolates in all varieties, but those little neon kaleidoscopic marshmallow chickies and bunnies have invaded along with their chocolate cousins. Should we really give our loved ones five pounds of sugar? Probably not in their best interest. If they don't have problems with carbs, then no I'm not advocating cutting it out altogether. But take some time and think about it. Maybe cutting back is in order. If you loved one DOES have a problem with sugar, if they're dieting, even if it's not low carb, look for other ways to let them know you love them.

Guys, the best thing you can give your gals is something that lets them know you're thinking about them as a woman rather than the person who cleans up after you. So unless they specifically ask for it to be their present, don't get any sort of household appliance. Instead look for things to help them destress and relax. A day at the spa. A night out with the girls while you watch the kids. Even some bubble bath and candles can be a great alternative to the hackneyed chocolate heart.

Ladies, what most men seem to want is for their lives to be easier, especially as far as we're concerned. Don't play the "guess what I want for the holiday" game. If there is something you want, let them know straight out what it is. BUT, don't pout if he can't afford it. Do we deserve wonderful things? Yes. But not if we have to mortgage our future to do it. Men like attention just as much as women, but don't try to make them choose between you and the other things he loves (i.e. the big game). The point is to make him feel special, not to demand his time and attention to make you feel special. Most men's needs are pretty simple. Feed them, pet them and they're yours for life. Man or woman, everyone wants to feel special to their partner.

Don't have a special someone? Pamper yourself. It's ok. Recomended even. Flowers, bubble bath, dinner and a movie. Whatever you want. Remember what I said about mortgaging your future though. This holds as true for you as anyone else. If you can't afford a $70 bouquet of flowers, find a $10 bouquet at the grocery store. Or perhaps just a single rose to brighten your day. You are special. Don't feel you have to wait for someone else to show you to believe it.


January 15, 2010

Good news, I'm now down to 212. Woo hoo! Haven't seen that in awhile. I love breaking new ground. Feels good. However there is something that's been bothering me lately. It's attitude. Not mine, but the American public's. Do you realize that obesity is the last socially acceptable form of bigotry in America? We are protected against discrimination based upon everything but our weight. Entertainment shows still openly mock the overweight portraying these aflicted people as being stupid, unlovable, disgusting and socially inept. And their only defense is that if we didn't want to be mocked we would do something about it. Well one figure I found states that Americans spent more than $50 Billion annualy in the 1990 on weight loss. I think it's pretty obvious most of us WANT to be thiner.

Obesity is an epidemic in this country. According to the CDC over 1/3 of all adult Americans are considered obese. And even more are over weight. It amazes me that with so many of us in the same boat that we put up with this abuse. We know we're fat. We know we have to do something about it. This sociatal browbeating that we are bombarded with isn't helpful. It only serves to make the overweight feel unlovable and unworthy of happiness. It erodes our hope and our belief that we can succeed. If you see this kind of abuse recognize it for what it is, Prejudice and Bigotry. Don't fall for their lies. Turn that TV off, throw that magazine away. Or better yet, write and complain. I may be fat, but I deserve to be treated like a human being just like the size 2 woman around the corner.


January 6, 2010

Wow, 2010 already. That's the first occasion I've had to type it. Feels strange. I did fairly well in December all the way past Christmas. I splurged a little carb-wise on my birthday and made a crust for my cheesecake out of sugarfree cookies. These cookies might be sugarfree, but they're still high in carbs. I probably shouldn't have done it because I started allowing my self other small splurges. I realized I was sliding when I started noticing the craving for carbs. So starting yesterday I've reigned them back in. Probably in the nick of time; I was starting to eye the chocolate chips! My indulgences cost me in the weight department as well. This morning I was back up to 216 from my pre-Christmas low of 214.

Everyone slides from time to time. The trick is when you relize it you can't fall into the "Well I've blown it now. Might as well have that cake," mentality. It's never too late to correct and continue. So let's get started and keep those low-carb resolutions.


December 21st, 2009

Yikes it's been a busy month. I've taken far too long between blogs. The holidays do really seem to have a way of eating up our time don't they? I haven't lost any weight, but I haven't gained any either. At this time of year it's about the best that we can hope for some times. And believe me, the temptations were there. We attended a party this Saturday where I got to meet the wonderful people Tom works with. The food was fabulous! Even low carbing I was able to find lots of tasty tidbits. And even though I was sorely tempted by other things I was able to stay the course. Special thanks to Joe and Nanci Quesada for inviting us into their beautiful home. Everyone was so wonderful and friendly. We really enjoyed our time which sadly had to be cut short because of the brewing blizzard.

We made it back home before it got too bad. The 8-10 inches we were expecting turned out to be closer to 24-30 inches. We spent most of the day yesterday digging out. Today my back is sore, my arms want to fall off at the shoulders, but there's still things I need to do before Christmas on Friday. I hope the roads will be in better shape tomorrow, or Christmas dinner is going to look a little thin.

In the midst of all this I have managed to film two shows. One, on spiced nuts, is available now. I'm hoping to get the other, custard, up in the next day or so.

If I don't manage to make it back to the blog before then. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


December 2nd, 2009

I did it! I made it through Thanksgiving without falling prey to those culinary carb land mines. I ate all I wanted and walked away full without feeling bloated or in pain. I even lost a pound!

But... I'm afraid that was only a warm up for the real temptations ahead. That fact was brought home to me pointedly this morning as I walked around my local supermarket. Every shelf, every end-cap is bursting with holiday treats. Cookies, cocoa, candy, all dressed in their holiday finery, twinkled and winked at me as I walked down the aisles. This is going to be tough. Heck... I might even start ordering my groceries on-line again, just through December, so I can avoid the temptations. Not a bad strategy if you can afford to implement it. The money I'll save by not buying the junk I shouldn't have should pay the delivery fee. I managed to make it out of there today without anything extra, but it wasn't as painless as it should have been. If you do have to make a trip to the store... here are some tips to be mentally prepared.

1) Eat a meal before you go. It's always easier to say no when you're not hungry.

2) Remind yourself that this is your own personal poison. Other people can eat it just fine, but not you. And if those other people live with you... let them shop for that junk.

3) Don't browse the aisles. Use a list and go from one thing to the next. Only allow yourself to buy stuff not on the list as long as it's low carb. (i.e. shampoo)

4) If you find yourself standing there... looking at a package of beautifully arranged cookies or candies remember... the package is LYING to you. The stuff inside is not going to look that pretty. The stuff inside is going to be battered, dented, broken, too hard. It isn't a the soft warm hug they want you to think it is. Give in and you WILL be disappointed; in both the food, and yourself.

5) Don't buy things for other people. As in... "I'll just get this for the kids." The kids don't need the sugar either. They're going to get plenty of holiday treats at school and at friends and relatives houses during the season. Things bought "for the kids" or "for the spouse" will continue to call to you once you're home. If it's not there, you can't eat it.

These are my strategies. I hope they help you too. If you have any others, please let me know so I can add them too my list.

And today, after a week of fighting it, I'm almost over my cold. So you'll soon get the video for green bean casserole that I filmed with my mom this Thanksgiving. I hope you all liked the recipe for low-carb egg nog we put up after Thanksgiving. Tom got me a new HD video camera for an early Christmas present and I've really been enjoying it.


November 24th, 2009

The green bean casserole is up, but no video. Maybe I can get one in place before Christmas. Hm... wonder if my mom would want to help with this one.

Unfortunately I woke up this morning with a cold. Why is it there is always one family member who is sick on the holiday? Apparently this year it's my turn. This should be fun.

Come back the day after Thanksgiving. I'll have something for you to get the Christmas season rolling!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


November 22nd, 2009

Well I managed to film everything except the green bean casserole. But I will get the recipe up, probably sometime tomorrow. We're closing in on Thanksgiving now. Do you have your bird yet? He should probably be sitting in your fridge now to begin his thaw. What are you waiting for?

Listen up! Even using the low carb recipes we have here at KTP, if you're low-carbing you'll probably need to make some hard decisions. I tried to keep all the recipes to around 5-7 carbs or so a serving, but carbs add up, even on Thanksgiving. So plan your strategy now. Don't let your stomach or your sense of celebration derail you on the big day. Decide if you can afford that stuffing ahead of time. Maybe you'd prefer to save your carbs for the pumpkin pie. Decide now instead of on the big day to minimize holiday disappointment. You should also plan your other meals that day, like breakfast, to minimize your carbs. Eggs are a good choice there. Make a plan of attack. You will be glad you did.


November 18th, 2009

I've been doing a lot of taping the past week. Footage has been shot for turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce. The Cranberry Sauce show is now up and available for viewing. As an added bonus I also show how to make a Cranberry Cheesecake. I hope you all like it.

I'm also down to 217! Woo!!! Not bad with all the cooking that's been happening here. I've also been getting books out of the library on lighting and video production. Unfortunately it tends to be more professional oriented and most of the techniques are beyond my equipment. I need to find a book on how to use common household items to do a video shoot. I also picked up the classic Julia Childs book Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Inspired me to make a wonderful pork chop dish with thyme and mustard. It was marvelous. I'll have to save that one for after Thanksgiving I think.


November 11th, 2009

It's been a busy time around here. Many of you may have already read about our trip into NYC to watch Saturday Night Live being taped. It was tons of fun. Took me two nights to catch up with my sleep since we didn't get in until 4:30am.

Now I've got my crustless pumpkin pie up and have to decide what I can get done before Thanksgiving which is only two weeks away. The most obvious choices to me are cranberry sauce, brined turkey, green bean casserole and a low carb dressing. Four shows in two weeks? Not sure I can do it. And that last one I'm a bit hesitant about. Not because I don't think I can come up with a low carb dressing, but because I distrust starch substitutes. Many things we can make low carb almost as good or better than before. Meats, vegetables and berries are all good low carb choices. Dressing however... it's a bread. And bread is an obvious enemy. Would it be psychologically better to skip the bread? Or would a small portion, strategically prepared, satisfy the longing for tradition without sending us on a slippery slope? I don't have the answers. It's one of those that's probably different for everyone.

With all the test cooking I've been doing around here my guys are probably going to be sick of Thanksgiving food long before the holiday.


November 4th, 2009

I've finally gotten the site what I think of as "company ready". Much like everything in life it helps to have the right tools for the job. I'm beginning to gather my Thanksgiving recipes to share. Today you'll find two new recipes. Hollandaise, which we usually serve over broccoli, but you can use it just about anywhere. And a pumpkin cheesecake. Yum!!! I sometimes have a slice of this for breakfast.

Things are otherwise going well. My weight is down to 220 this morning. And better yet, I was able to wear my size 20 jeans this morning! I haven't looked at 20 in quite awhile. I may even try on some 18's tomorrow since I'm feeling adventurous. In addition to my Wii time I also took a walk around the block. Something I always say I'll do but usually don't. It was however a perfect fall day, cool and full of sun.



October 31st, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

It's been a busy day so far. Up early to carve the pumpkins. Cook breakfast. Wii Fit. And now I've finally broken the candy out of hiding and got it ready for distribution. Just in time too. No sooner had I sat down to write this than my first Trick-or-Treater showed up. Hope I've got enough candy. It's always a worry for me. At least this year I can send Tom out for some more. I also realized as I was carving up the pumpkins that I started kicking myself for almost forgetting to share my mother's recipe for Roasted Pumpkin Seeds .  Pumpkin seeds are both yummy and good for you.  They are full of manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, tryptophan, vitamin k, protein, iron and  zinc.  A quarter cup has about 6.2 Carbs so you do have to be careful with them.  But between those and a Milky Way, I'm better off with the pumpkin seeds.

This is our collection of punkin's.  Special thanks to my friend Razzy for the idea of using heavy duty staples for stitching. My pumpkin isn't as nice as hers, but I can live with that.


October 27th, 2009

It has been a busy busy couple of days and my weight has been fluctuating all over the place. Saturday I was up a pound, Sunday I lost two, Monday I was up one, today I'm down one. For those not keeping track that's a net loss of one pound. Just like anyone else I cringe when that needle goes up Especially when I know that I haven't done anything that might account for it. But weight loss, or gain, is a tricky thing. So many things can affect where that needle falls that day. Clothing, temperature, water retention, hormones. All things that have nothing to do with what I eat or how much I exercise. Instead of relying on the daily number I try to look for overall trends. I do a quick review of the day before, whether it was a gain or a loss, and think about how I might improve. Did I have any weaknesses? Are there any known temptations I'll need to deal with in my coming day? What can I do to make things easier? So what if one day the needle goes up. As long as I keep trying I'll succeed eventually. Besides, I'm not moving towards a goal... I'm already there. To live my life low carb IS the goal. My improved health is the benefit. The long desired weight loss is just a happy side-effect.

Now, to choose from my plans for the day. I have a request from my teenager to make him some chocolate peanut butter brownies. I want to see if I can create a low-carb pumpkin cheese cake. I still need to do the final few segments for my next show. Decisions decisions...

October 22nd, 2009

Halloween is almost here and as I foretold on the 17th, this was the holiday aisle at my local grocery store this morning.

Perhaps my son would like to trick or treat as Santa Claus.  Hmm... probably not.  So the holidays are coming. Time for me to get working on some recipes that will be good for the holidays.  This morning I had scrambled eggs with hollandaise for breakfast, and I'm thinking hollandaise would be a good place to start.  Flavorful, low-carb, and not as scary to make as its reputation would have you believe.  In the mean time, let me know what other holiday favorites you want to hear about.  You can contact me at .

First though I have to finish up my recipe and video for the cheese and pepperoni chips.  Should be out tomorrow.  (I hope.)  My mother in law is coming for a visit and there's always that last minute cleaning to do.

October 19th, 2009

Well it's a day of mixed progress. It seems like technology is attempting to thwart me today. Even the simplest of tasks is taking much longer than it should. And while I was going to film my next segment today, cheese and pepperoni chips, I think it will have to wait for tomorrow. On the good side I weighed in at 223 this morning. Woo! And I did 15 minutes of exercise on my Nintendo Wii Fit. This is up from last weeks 10 minutes. My youngest and I picked up the Wii Fit Plus last Thursday and it's been fun. I really do need to add a more consistent exercise regimen to my routine. Almost went for a walk around the block this morning, but too much laundry was waiting to be started, not to mention dishwasher and bathrooms needing attention.

I'm almost out of cooked bacon strips, so I'll have to bake some more in the next day or so. I like to pre-cook my bacon then just re-warm it when I need it. This saves me a lot of hassle during the week when I want a piece here or a piece there. I had a single slice this morning with my eggs. Many people seem to think low-carb is all about eating a pound of bacon for breakfast. This is far from the truth. In fact it can take me up to two weeks to get through a pound of bacon if I'm the only one eating it. I do have to hide it from the kids to keep it from disappearing in under 30 seconds.  They love it so.  I keep it under the lettuce in the crisper drawer. Under the vegetables always seems like a good place to hide things from kids. When I need a slice I just pull out a strip and rewarm it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Bacon is great for adding to omelets, salads, soups and a little bit makes a big difference. My brother, Jason, is currently on a big bacon kick. I'm hoping I can get him to contribute something here. I come from a family of absolutely wonderful cooks. Is it any wonder we love food?

October 17th, 2009

It seems like there's never enough time in the day doesn't it?  I've gotten so many good suggestions from people about coping with Halloween.  Don't buy it until right before Halloween is one common suggestion.  I would do that but unfortunately that won't work for me.  For some strange reason the grocery stores in my area seem to think that the Christmas season starts the week before Halloween and if I wait until the day before... well... there's nothing left but tinsel and some candy canes.  Unfortunately this behavior seems to be the same for every holiday. The week before Christmas will see the Valentine hearts, and by Valentines Day there will be nothing for sale but marshmallow rabbits.  On the good side, hiding it away has helped.  It's not calling to me at all from the bottom of my closet.  A good strategy for having to deal with it while passing it out is to chew some sugarless gum.  While you have gum in your mouth you're less likely to put anything else in there.  Sugar Free gum itself is about a carb a stick, but that can be factored in.  It's certainly fewer carbs than a Milky Way (my personal weakness). Another strategy I've used in the past is to lock forbidden items into a plastic bin with a pad lock.  I give the key to my husband, (since they're his snacks) and I can't get to them no matter how much they call to me.

I've just put up my second video.  I know the production values aren't network quality, but hey, what do you expect from one woman working lights, camera, sound, direction, writing and performing?  I'm just a real house mom doing what I can for the cause.  Seen in that light I think it's pretty darned good.  My third video is currently in post production and should be ready soon.  Look forward to a family favorite my brother brought home from Home Ec class twenty years ago. Chicken Oporto!  It's been a favorite ever since.

October 15, 2009  (9:30am)

So much happening today!  It's looking like a good day today.  My weight is 223.5 this morning. Our little one, who was feeling so ill last night is looking  better today, though the cold has triggered his asthma. Yesterday I filmed my first recipe demo so I have to start working on the post production today.  And most important... today is our Anniversary!!!!  15 wonderful years with the love of my life. Tom, you're the best! 

 I think today I'll make him a special treat from his favorite food group, Peanut Butter & Chocolate.  My friend Raz has a recipe for peanut butter balls that sounds perfect.  Low carb?  No not at all I'm afraid.  I may be walking into a mine field.  I think I'm strong enough to resist, or I wouldn't be trying it.  My strategy is to eat a nice big breakfast first so I'm not hungry.  I'm thinking a bacon and cheddar omelet with scallions. Here goes nothing!

12:20 pm

Ok, I had to come back an tell you what just happened.  There I am, up to my elbows in peanut butter and sugar when there's a ring at my door bell.  Outside is a dozen long stemmed red roses with this note: "It seems to me that, over the years, you made all of the meaningful moves and I provided only the extravagant, empty gestures.  You're braver than I am.  I love that about you.  Thanks for taking care of us.  Tom."   Needless to say, I have tears pouring down my cheeks as I write this.  Told you he was the best!

October 13, 2009

Here I am, sitting eating my salad lunch, wondering how to start.  It occurred to me this morning as I shopped for my groceries that the holidays are upon us.  Thanksgiving can be a particularly low carb friendly holiday; turkey, broccoli with hollandaise, even pumpkin pie translates well with little alteration.  The problem as I see it, is getting past Halloween first.  Even now a large bag of Halloween treats is winking at me from a nearby shelf.  Time to remind myself that the skull and crossbones it's decorated with should be taken as a warning.  My own personal poison lurks inside.  I think the first thing I'm going to do is to take that bag, wrap it up and hide it in the back of a closet somewhere.  Getting the sugar out of sight certainly helps.  I'll have to put on my thinking cap and come up with some other tricks for getting over the Halloween hump.  Wish me luck!