Cheese and Pepperoni Chips

First you'll need a sheet of cooking parchment paper.  Fold up the sides to make a tray.  Fold in the corners if needed to keep from catching in a microwave. 

Next you'll need something to turn into chips.  Most cheeses work well.  I like to use cheddar cheese that's been sliced by the deli counter in my super market. I'll quarter a slice and put it on the parchment tray.  You can also use most hard salamis such as pepperoni.  Just scatter them about the parchment tray.  Don't over crowd.  Cheese will need room to spread and pepperoni puts out a lot of oil.  Put the tray in the microwave and set the time for two minutes.  Don't walk away!   You won't need nearly that much time.  Keep an eye on the snacks as they cook.  When they stop bubbling and turn dark, stop the microwave.  On my microwave this is about 40 seconds.  Microwaves vary though so don't wander anywhere.

When the snack is done, let them cool slightly for a few seconds then transfer them from the parchment tray to a paper towel.  This will help remove some of the extra fat that has been rendered out of them.  Cheese will easily peel from the parchment.  Just wipe up the oil from the parchment and you can make another batch using the same tray.

This can be done in a regular oven too.  Just cook at 400 F for about 20 minutes.   I like to use the microwave since it's about 20 times faster. 

To make cheese puffs instead of cheese chips, do the same thing as above but use american cheese.  Season the cheese with some pizza spices or other seasoning of your choice first if desired.  Cut slice into 16 small squares and spread them out on the parchment.  As above, microwave until puffy and darkened. When they cool they'll be puffy, crispy and delicious.


Store completed chips in an airtight container in the refrigerator.


Cheese and pepperoni have always been considered good low carb snacks but I like this method since it does reduce the fat count.  While we low-carbers aren't fat phobic we'd prefer the fat be burned from what's on our stomach instead of what it in.  It might be low-carb, but calories still count. 


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