Gel Candies 

These gummy like candies are beautiful little jewels of sweetness and have almost no carbs. Easy to take with you to the movie theater or the kids soccer games.

1 Envelope Unflavored Gelatin
¼ Cup Boiling Hot Water
¼ - ½ tsp Crystal Light Drink Mix (any flavor)

Stir ¼ cup of boiling water into one envelope of unflavored gelatin and stir for at least two minutes until gelatin is thoroughly dissolved. Add drink mix and stir until disolved. (For lightly flavored candies add the lower amount of drink mix. For a more strongly flavored candy add the higher amount.) You can add a few drops of food coloring if desired. Pour into candy molds or onto a jelly roll pan lined with plastic wrap. Chill for twenty minutes in the refrigerator. If you aren't using a candy mold you can either cut the candy into ribbons with a knife or use small decorative cookie cutters to make interesting shapes.

Candies should be kept in the refrigerator for long-term storage, but they fare well at room temperature for several hours. Just avoid heat which will cause the candy to melt.


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