Mock Shamrock Shake 

When you can no longer drink the real thing, and I know I can't, try this good low-carb alternative. Good as a fat fast meal too.

3 Oz. Avocado, ripe
1 Cup Almond Milk, unsweetened
16 drops Liquid Sucralose
2 drops Oil of Peppermint
6 Lg. Ice cubes


Dice avocado and put in a blender. (Make sure it's ripe. Under ripe avocados will add a slight bitterness) Add almond milk, liquid sucralose (or your favorite sweetener) and peppermint oil. I use peppermint oil because it's what I have on hand. (You could also try peppermint extract, I'd try 1/4 tsp to start with and add more to taste if you need to. DaVinci Syrups also makes a nice sugar-free peppermint syrup. A few squirts of that would replace both the peppermint and sweetener.)

Blend the ingredients until smooth. Then add the ice cubes and blend until smooth and frosty.

I find it's plenty green the way it is, but you can add a drop of green food coloring if you want it greener.

Carbs: 10g of carbs, 7 of which are fiber. 16g Fat. 1g protein. Calories ~180