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Woot! 2014 was a resounding success. I made it through the whole year without eating anything sugary/starchy. If any wheat or other grains made it into my system it was well hidden. I feel great. My blood sugar had been under control. I love being Keto!

I wish I could say I've lost weight but I haven't. My body is very happy where it is, thank you very much. And it has no intention of changing any time soon. I keep trying to tell it we'd both be happier if that last 20lbs came off, especially before the low-carb cruise in May, but I can't seem to convince it.

It may never come off, and that's ok. I'm a 46 year old happily married woman. Old enough to be a grandma really, if the eldest ever met a nice girl and settled down anyway. So instead of grand babies I have dogs. That's almost as good right? :) Anyway I have only myself to please and I'm very happy that I've lost 100Lbs AND, and this is the hard bit, kept it OFF! So go me!

My name is Jes and I'm a low-carber. My husband Tom and our two sons are definitely not. Can I stay low carb while surrounded by their carb laden goodies? You bet! And in 2015 I'm just going to have fun and relax WHILE staying ketogenic low-carb.

You can see my weight on the tracker above. It gets updated automatically every time I step on the scale. And to be completely transparent you can read what I'm eating here.

Check out our recipes section. Most of the recipes have instructional videos as well.