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Ice Cream, Butter Pecan

Ice Cream, Cranberry





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My name is Jes and I eat a low-carb ketogenic real-food diet. I love food, always have and always will.

Back in the day I was sick and hypoglycemic. My skin always felt acidic like I was marinating from the inside out. I had digestive problem, heart issues and have been checked for every medical condition under the sun. I was always sick but never in a way that could be fixed or helped.

The medical establishment has been warped into this practice of treating the symptoms, not curing the problem. And just like high blood pressure and low blood sugar, being over weight is just that... a symptom.

Following medical advice and my own wishes I've spent most of my life trying to loose weight. If I wasn't loosing I was gaining. I'd done so many different diets and they all worked... kinda...for a little while. But I was always hungry, and there's only so much hunger you can take when you mind and body are screaming at you (biochemically) to eat.

Ketogenic low-carb dieting is not like that. I'll be the first to tell you that the whole low-carb message of "eating to satiety" may not work if your goal is to loose weight. I found it was very good at maintaining weight, but if I want to loose then I do have to count calories still.

The path to good health is by eating well. Defining what that is however going to be different for everyone. Learning what works for you is a journey. I can look back on my life and see so many little messages that lead me to where I am today. I wasted my youth and health with the low-fat diet dogma. For me, no more!

My name is Jes and I'm a ketonian. My husband Tom and our two sons are definitely not. Can I stay low carb while surrounded by their carb laden goodies? You bet! And in style too.

I'm not a doctor, dietitian, nutritionist or chef. I have no credentials. I'm just and average person trying to find what works for me. This is my story.


 You can see my weight on the tracker above. It gets updated automatically every time I step on the scale. And to be completely transparent you can read what I'm eating here.

Check out our recipes section. Most of the recipes have instructional videos as well.