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Wow, I learned a lot in 2012-2013. Mostly that... well I won't say doing low carb ALL wrong... but there are a few things I know now that I wish I'd learned when I started going low carb 14 years ago. Probably the most important lesson I've learned is I've been eating too much protein and not enough fat. And now that I've done even more research I will be avoiding wheat in any form. Since I've gotten off even trace amounts of wheat some skin issues I was having have cleared up. Might have to go back through my recipes here in 2014 and make some fixes.

Also in 2013 I think I've slipped over that line from pre-diabetic to actual diabetic. Caught my blood sugar in the high four hundreds a few hours after eating a piece of fruitcake back before Christmas. I haven't gone to the doctor yet to confirm. My doctor retired so I'm on the hunt for a good low-carb supporting doctor in my area.

I've been learning more from the paleo community too. There's a lot of good info we can learn from each other. One of the most important is the concept... just eat real food. This is typically things that don't come with a nutrition label. I try to buy organic and local when I can. That mostly translates to, when I can afford to. Paleo also avoids dairy and nuts, but if I did that it wouldn't leave me much to eat. Paleo tends to be higher in carbs than I can handle.

Every person is different, and your dietary situation can change. I've been looking for those last few pieces of the puzzle to get off these last 25 pounds... like vitamin K2 which strangely enough seems to have helped clear up my sciatica. Among other things K2 helps calcium go where it's supposed to be and leave the places it isn't. But there are other things too.. D, magnesium, iodine and many more. It's quite complex to figure out where the diet is sufficient and where it's lacking.

My name is Jes and I'm a low-carber. My husband Tom has started lowering his carbs by forgoing buns for sandwiches and the like. He's doing it mostly to placate me I think since Mexican Pepsi and chocolate chip cookies are still on his menu. Our two sons are definitely not. Can I stay low carb while surrounded by their carb laden goodies? You bet! And in 2014 I'm going to see if I can't beat this finally.

 You can see my weight on the tracker above. It gets updated automatically every time I step on the scale. And to be completely transparent you can read what I'm eating here.

Check out our recipes section. Most of the recipes have instructional videos as well.